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Officers of the Week – Brandon Galloza, Kyle Cook, Mark Pease and Brandon Norris

Posted on by CCPD

This week, the Camden County Police Department recognizes the outstanding work of four officers who demonstrated restraint while apprehending a dangerous suspect – Officers Brandon Galloza, Kyle Cook, Mark Pease and Brandon Norris.

All four officers are assigned to the Neighborhood Response Team in the city’s 2nd District.

On the night of June 2, Officers Galloza, Cook, Pease and Norris were on patrol in the Fairview neighborhood when they responded to a call from Sergeant Migdalia Sanchez who had been inside her marked police vehicle at Yorkship Square and America Road when a suspect suffering from a mental illness approached the back of the vehicle and then swung a baseball bat, shattering the vehicle’s rear window. All four officers quickly responded and circulated in the area to look for the suspect. Officers Pease and Norris soon observed the male subject walking toward their vehicle and observed him swing the baseball bat, striking the marked police unit.

Officers Pease and Norris ran toward the suspect and with assistance from Officers Galloza and Cook, they were able to secure the bat and the suspect. The officers used great restraint as the suspect struggled against them, but they were able to effect the arrest without further incident.

“These officers worked together and were able to very quickly locate a dangerous, violent suspect and use restraint while ensuring that he was not able to hurt anyone or cause any further damage,” said Lt. Zsakhiem James.

For their quick thinking and ability to tactfully defuse a volatile situation and keep the community safe, we honor Officers Galloza, Cook, Pease and Norris as Camden County Police Department Officers of the Week. Also nominated were Officers Cabria Davis and Frank Cardoso.

Cook, Galloza, Pease FB

Report illegal ATV use

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The Camden County Police Department is urging residents to report the illegal use of ATVs and other off-road, unlicensed vehicles on city streets.

The use of these vehicles on city streets poses a serious danger to the riders themselves, to other drivers and passengers in cars and trucks and most of all to pedestrians. Residents who observe an immediate danger from these vehicles are urged to call 911 and report the incident and location.

Residents are also urged to call our 24-hour tip line to report locations where these vehicles are being parked so that officers can respond and investigate. Call (856) 757-7042; tips can be left anonymously.

Information sought on sexual assault suspect

Posted on by CCPD

(Camden, NJ) – The Camden County Police Department is investigating a sexual assault and asking the public for help to identify the suspect.

The incident occurred on June 16 at approximately 1:05 a.m. after the female victim met the suspect at 5th and Ramona Gonzalez streets and agreed to get into his vehicle and go with him to a location nearby. The suspect drove to 2nd and Mount Vernon streets where he stopped and parked and engaged in conversation with the female. Shortly thereafter, the suspect brandished a knife and assaulted the victim.

The suspect is described as an unshaven Hispanic male weighing approximately 230 pounds. The vehicle he used to commit the crime is described as a light blue or gray minivan, possibly a 2005 Chrysler Town and Country or a 2005 Dodge Caravan. A composite sketch of the suspect and pictures of the vehicle accompany this release.

Anyone with information about this suspect or vehicle should call the Camden County Police Department tip line at: (856) 757-7042.

6-15-16 sexual assault - suspect sketch

6-15-16 sexual assault - vehicle pic 1

6-15-16 sexual assault - vehicle pic 2

Fire hydrant safety

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It is illegal to open fire hydrants for recreational use and doing so can significantly reduce water pressure, meaning that firefighters trying to control a fire in another neighborhood may not have enough water and home and businesses may experience a loss of water pressure.

Prying open hydrants can damage the hydrants so that firefighters cannot use them later. Opening hydrants can also create a high pressure blast of water that can injure the person opening the hydrant and anyone standing nearby, particularly small children. Open hydrants also create unsafe conditions for drivers and pedestrians.

Camden residents who see an illegally opened fire hydrant should immediately report it to police by calling our tip line at (856) 757-7042 or dialing 911.

Missing person – Kenneth Thompson

Posted on by CCPD

(Camden, NJ) – The Camden County Police Department is looking for a missing adult from East Camden.

Kenneth Thompson, 47, was reported missing from his home on the 3000 block of Waldorf Avenue. He is described as a black male, 5’8”, 200 pounds, bald with brown eyes and tattoos on his right shoulder and left arm. He was last seen by his employer in Swedesboro wearing blue Dickies pants and a blue Dickies shirt.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the CCPD tip line at (856) 757-7042.

kenneth thompson

Join our Interactive Community Alert Network – ICAN

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ICAN is a new and innovative community watch program through which Camden residents can report their crime tips and quality of life issues in their neighborhood to the Camden County Police Department in real time and can orient CCPD Eye in the Sky cameras to focus on incidents in progress.

The web-based system is restricted to authorized users only; to apply for an ICAN user account with the Camden County Police Department, visit https://camden.ican-system.com.

For information about the system call (856) 757-7590.

iCan logo

Missing person – Alexanderya Lozada-Stevenson

Posted on by CCPD

(Camden, NJ) – The Camden County Police Department is looking for a missing 16-year-old from Morgan Village.

Alexanderya Lozada-Stevenson was reported missing from her home on the 800 block of Sylvan Street. She is described as a black female, 5’7”, 190 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing navy blue legging pants and a navy blue shirt.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call the CCPD tip line at (856) 757-7042.

Alexanderya Lazada-Stevenson 2


Missing person – Veronica Powell

Posted on by CCPD

(Camden, NJ) – The Camden County Police Department is looking for a missing 14-year-old from Fairview.

Veronica Powell was reported missing last from her home on the 1000 block of North Common Road. She is described as a black female, 5’3”, 140 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing blue jeans, a gray hoodie and gray sneakers. She is known to frequent the Fairview and Centerville neighborhoods.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call the CCPD tip line at (856) 757-7042.

Veronica Powell

Make sure your car isn’t a target for thieves

Posted on by CCPD

Prevent your car from being broken into. Thefts from cars are most often crimes of opportunity in which a thief sees an easy target. Reduce the chances that a criminal will want to break into your vehicle by taking some common sense steps.

- At home, park your car in a garage if you have one or in the driveway rather than on the street.

- Use theft deterrent systems such as car alarms, wheel lock devices, kill switches, etc.

- Always park in well lit areas.

- In parking lots, park in high traffic areas rather than distant corners of the lot.

- Remove all loose items of value such as cell phones, laptops or tablets, jewelry, etc. from view inside the car and lock them in the trunk.

- Contact police if you see someone acting suspiciously in a parking area.

Safety for seniors at home

Posted on by CCPD

Senior citizens are often targeted by criminals looking for what they perceive as an easy target. Protect yourself while at home:

- Always keep your doors and windows locked and install deadbolt locks on all doors leading outside.

- Install a peephole on your main entry door to be able to see people who knock without opening the door.

- Ask for identification for any delivery person or other stranger who knocks at your door. If they are legitimate, they will not mind providing this.

- If a stranger asks to use your phone and you agree to this, place the call yourself. Do not let a stranger into your home.

- Never give out information over the phone that you are home alone or that you won’t be home at a certain time.

- Don’t leave notes on your door when you are gone or hide keys to your home in conspicuous places such as under mats, in flower pots, etc. Often, this is how thieves gain entry into homes.

- Keep your home well lit, inside and out, and keep curtains closed at night.

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