The Camden County Police Department – Join our team!

We resolve to provide the residents of Camden County with the best possible police service. We are seeking candidates with the skills and experience to help us meet that goal. If you are up to the challenge, apply today. Please review the information provided on this website to learn about the rewards and benefits of working for the Camden County Police Department.


Police officer applications

The Camden County Police Department is a Civil Service organization which means all candidates interested in becoming a police officer must take and pass the New Jersey Civil Service Commission’s Law Enforcement Examination and then apply through the Civil Service Commission.

For information about the application process and requirements and to review job postings, go to:

The Civil Service Commission will be accepting applications from police candidates beginning July 1, 2016, and ending Aug. 31, 2016. Click here for information about this application window.

For those who have not yet taken the Law Enforcement Examination and wish to do so, regularly monitor the Civil Service website, as scheduled testing dates will be posted there at:

For questions contact the Civil Service Commission Information Center at (609) 292-4144.

For police officer applicants who have passed the Law Enforcement Examination and are applying, the department’s application can be downloaded here:



Civilian analyst positions

The following civilian positions within the Camden County Police Departments are employed by Ozitus International Inc. in direct support of the Camden County Police Department’s public safety operations.

  Job Code Position

1  SAU2016-AIMGR                     Strategic Analysis & Intelligence Manager

2  SAU2016-IA                             Intelligence Analyst

3  SAU2016-CA                           Crime Analyst

4  SAU2016-RA                           Research Analyst

5  SAU2016-VC                           Violent Crime Case Analyst

6  SAU2016-CSUPVR                  Crime Scene Evidence Supervisor

7  SAU2016-CSTECH                  Crime Scene Evidence Technician

8  SAU2016-IBIS                          IBIS Technician

9  SAU2016-FIREARM                 Firearm Examiner

10 SAU2016-UCR                        UCR/NIBRIS Analyst


To submit a resume to be considered for one of these positions, please visit: