Telemarketing fraud – spotting scams

Posted on by CCPD

How do you know when someone on the other end of the phone is potentially trying to scam you? A few common signals that the call is a scam designed to steal your money:

- You’ve won a “free” gift or prize, but you have to pay a postage or handling fee.

- If you don’t act right away the offer won’t be good.

- You must send money, give your credit card number or a bank account number.

- The caller says you don’t need to get more information on the company he or she represents.

The bottom line is that if you don’t know the company, charity, organization, etc. trying to get you to pay or donate and don’t feel 100 percent comfortable with what’s being offered/asked of you, don’t go along with it. Demand more information, in writing, and don’t be pressured into acting immediately. Legitimate businesses and organizations will gladly provide more information and give you time to make a decision.