South Jersey Times endorses the Camden County Police Department

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February 8, 2013
Dear Neighbors,

This week the Camden County Police Department initiative was endorsed by the South Jersey Times. The paper’s editorial board outlined the County’s plan and supported it for addressing the delivery of public safety services for our County seat and the region. The paper called our department a model for the state and a bold step toward making the County a safer place to live. 

The pervasive criminal activity that has been the catalyst for so much of the crimes that are committed continues to haunt the neighborhoods of Camden and the suburbs of the County. Narcotics continue to be sold with little consequence and demand from outside the City continues to create fertile ground for the operation.  The Camden City Police Department is doing its best with very little resource to make considerable impact on the situation. In short, we need to change the status quo and make the City and County a safer place. We need to provide a larger police presence on the sidewalks and in the neighborhoods of our County seat and the South Jersey times agrees.

Below is a small excerpt from the editorial:
“Countywide police represent a bold step, and a possible model for the rest of the state. We’ll be watching and hoping for success.”
That said, the Freeholder Board continues to move forward with the hiring process to build a 401 police officer division within the Camden County Police Department that will bolster public safety at no cost to the County taxpayers. The department will be paid for by the City and a funding agreement with our bi-partisan partners at the state, which include former U.S. Attorney, and Gov. Chris Christie.

We are confident, once these officers hit the street, they will make a significant impact on the quality of life for the residents of this region.  
Read the full endorsement here:
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If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at (856) 225-5451 or email me at

Louis Cappelli, Jr.
Freeholder Director

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