Social media – keeping kids safe

Posted on by CCPD

These days, parents have plenty of reason to worry about what their children are doing, and who they’re connecting with, online. Kids want to be on Twitter, Instagram and other such platforms, but aren’t necessarily inclined to protect themselves when they create accounts and begin posting. Some steps parents should be sure kids take:

- Don’t provide optional, extra personal information when creating an account on a social media platform. Be minimal on personal details.

- Make it clear that they should never put their address, phone number or any other specific contact information on a social media page or provide that information to individuals they connect with on social media.

- Only allow them to have “friends/followers” who are people they know personally, not strangers that request a connection.

- Only let “friends/followers” see their posts and full profile/page, not every user out there, and not even friends of friends.

- Set limits about posting photographs of themselves and their friends.

- Regularly check in on kids’ social media pages and profiles to make sure what’s there is OK.