Safety for seniors at home

Posted on by CCPD

Senior citizens are often targeted by criminals looking for what they perceive as an easy target. Protect yourself while at home:

- Always keep your doors and windows locked and install deadbolt locks on all doors leading outside.

- Install a peephole on your main entry door to be able to see people who knock without opening the door.

- Ask for identification for any delivery person or other stranger who knocks at your door. If they are legitimate, they will not mind providing this.

- If a stranger asks to use your phone and you agree to this, place the call yourself. Do not let a stranger into your home.

- Never give out information over the phone that you are home alone or that you won’t be home at a certain time.

- Don’t leave notes on your door when you are gone or hide keys to your home in conspicuous places such as under mats, in flower pots, etc. Often, this is how thieves gain entry into homes.

- Keep your home well lit, inside and out, and keep curtains closed at night.