Parking lot/garage safety

Posted on by CCPD

Parking facilities are places where criminals often look for victims to rob or assault. Take steps to keep yourself safe when parking and when returning to your car.

- At night, park under or near lights and, when walking to or from your car, take the most well-lit route.

- Lock your doors once you get inside your car.

- Back into spaces so if you need to get out quickly it’s easier.

- When walking back to your car, hold your keys in your hand so you can get into your car quickly.

- If you feel unsafe, ask a security guard to walk you to your car. If there is no security presence and you sense danger, leave and come back later. Trust your instincts.

- As you collect things in your car after parking, leave the engine running until you are ready to exit. Check your surroundings to make sure it is safe before getting out.