I just wanted to thank and recognize one of your K9 officers who was working the finish line gate of the Stadium for Run the Bridge today.  I dropped my phone during the run and he found it and held onto it until we were able to locate it.  Many thanks and be safe! Have a great day!

Debby McGrail


I am an Argentine citizen, writing from Argentina after watching in one of our newss portals about how you are changing police focus on dangerous individuals. I also study criminal law. I practically never comment anything on social media but I feel this is really deserves a strong congratulations. Every time I used to see U.S. police departments’ handling of suspects, I was appalled by the extreme disciplined protocol that so often leads to totally useless deaths. I am sure of the alternative method called “patience” – that I think is much better categorized as “humane or common sense treatment” – will avoid many of these deplorable deaths. I sincerely hope it can serve as example to other police and maybe even go to your national legislation.

I guess it’s kind of strange to write from so far, but again, I find this is really great. There is nothing more gratifying than building strong communities and, of course, peaceful means are always the best. Cheers from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Alfredo Rupprecht
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Chief J.Scott Thomson and the officers who showed extraordinary patience in dealing (successfully) with the man waving a knife, deserve accolades and great respect. Hopefully these kind of initiatives can and will be duplicated in other communities.

Congratulations for saving lives.

Ellen Leef


I just wanted to congratulate your department for its transformation to a harm reduction model of policing. It is difficult to do what you are doing, but it is so very necessary, in my opinion. May God watch over you all as you continue to help others.

With warm regards,

Rev. Jim Bridges
Everett, WA


It was heartwarming to see officers on TV recently dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Claus handing out toys to children in Camden. God bless them for helping families in need at Christmas.

Louise Jackson


Greetings! It is with a depth of gratitude and sincere appreciation that The Butterfly Program wants to thank the Camden County Police Department for coming out to our first Unity BBQ for our community. The services provided by the department were definitely what the community needed.

We know it was a Hail Mary in the fourth quarter, but your support helped us score a touchdown! And, most importantly, you were willing to come out and meet a need. We hope we can count on the Camden County PD next year as well. We pray that God will continue to bless our mission because you definitely helped with our vision.

Thanks again.

Velmar Kearse
Executive Administrator
The Butterfly Program
601 Berkley St.
Camden, NJ


Dear Camden County Officers,

Just writing to say thank you for your kindness, professionalism and courtesy toward my girls and myself this past weekend at the Luke Bryan Concert. I was a little concerned dropping off my girls in Camden but was met with cooperation and kindness by the officers. They directed me where to drop the kids off as well as where I could pick them up.

I returned early because I was little concerned how I would find a spot, so I sat and observed the people leaving as well as the actions of your officers. They were very helpful to all the parents and kids.

A little situation occurred near my car. A drunk gentleman started an altercation with an officer and I heard him tell the guy three times to keep going! The man would not listen and ended up getting arrested. It was sad but the officer tried.

I actually worry for the safety of our police and just wanted to say THANK YOU for taking care of us! The officers did a great job and we really appreciate you! Stay Safe!

Patti Paulsen


I never realized how much community public relations police officers do until I had 2 boys. My 5-year-old wants to be a police officer when he grows up. Every police officer he sees, he talks to. We recently met Officer Michele Markey of the CCPD. She talked to my kids and gave them stickers – and even came back a couple of days later to give them more police gear. They love it and now, when they pretend to be police officers, they pretend to be her. Her small gesture sets an example for what my children want to become. Thank you, Officer Markey and the CCPD.

Nana Shames


This past Saturday my daughter had a flat tire after leaving the concert. She had a group of friends with her from Scranton, PA. Your police came upon them in their predicament and stayed with them the whole time until AAA arrived.

I really cannot thank those officers enough for staying with them all that time to make sure they were safe. I so very much appreciate it. Thank you for all you do!

Nora Banzhof


We received these beautiful, heartfelt thank you cards from the students at Holy Name School after officers paid them a visit on their end-of-the-year Monday fun day! Our officers truly appreciate these kind words and all the effort that went into these – fantastic work!!

IMG_0787 IMG_0789 IMG_0790 IMG_0793 IMG_0794 IMG_0795

Dear Chief Thomson,

I recently saw your department on the CNN show United Shades of America, and I have to say your department flabbergasts me. I am used to seeing corrupt officers doing what they think the law is and not what people who create it think it should be. Your officers are always out there making sure to show people they are friendly and not like other cops whose departments have had controversial issues in the past. I know you do not need praise from anyone except President Obama for your new system. I saw in the episode officers on their beat, going around the neighborhood to check everything out to see if it was in order, and instead of neighbors hating them they always said “hello” and “thank you” for helping them.

When I saw this episode it gave me some hope in this police world that officers of the law are not like the ones you see on TV in the news, especially today. Your officers, from what I see, would never do such a thing like what happened in Baltimore. I know some people won’t see that, but to me, that is what I see from the United Shades of America episode. I hope more police departments throughout the country follow your example, because it is a system police need nowadays.

Daniel Frisiello

Beverly, Mass.

I attended a concert Saturday night at the BB&T center. It was pouring rain when I got there and I didn’t pay enough attention to where I parked. I walked around for some time after the concert looking for my car and as the crowd thinned out I started getting nervous. I was alone walking the streets searching for my car, who knew there were so many parking lots. I asked a police officer for help and he very kindly drove me to my car based on the few details I could give him. A huge THANK YOU!!!!!!


I just wanted to take a moment and say great job to all the men & women in blue working last night. Everyone did a great job when you consider how many people showed up you guys keep your cool and acted like professionals. Thanks again.

Mike Schultz

What a privilege to hear your chief speak at Man Up Philly. Congratulations to the entire staff of the Camden County Police Department for your service to all and your bravery in serving our country. May you all reflect on your source of strength to make us safer!

Thank you,

Bruce Kean


On Sunday, Jan. 10, in the quiet of the late afternoon in Camden City, my neighbors’ garage started to collapse. I called the Camden County Police Department 4th District commander Lt. Jason Pike and reported the issue. He wasn’t on duty yet took my call, then he called his patrol officers and sent them to assess the issue. The officers arrived in 5-7 minutes and taped off the area, as the alley is used by people and vehicles and we didn’t want an injury.

Soon after, city construction official James Rizzo came out and spoke with the homeowner. She called her insurance company and they spoke to Jim.

Jim then called Pat Keating, Director of the city’s Department of Public Works, who sent Edwin Gonzalez who was at dinner with his wife. Edwin came and assessed the issue. Both he and Jim decided what should happen next. They pulled down the remaining structure by hand. Yes, just the two of them. They taped off the area and now the situation is contained. Children and others can walk through the alley without fear of falling debris!

When we work as a community we can get so much more done! Thank you all so much.

Sheilah Greene
Parkside Business & Community In Action


To whom it may concern,

I wanted to send this note of thanks to the police officer who paid for our breakfast on Sunday morning, Dec. 13, 2015 at the McDonald’s on Mount Ephraim Avenue in Camden. We were behind this officer in the drive-through line. As I approached the window to pay for our order, I was told it was paid for by the officer in front of me!

I want to say thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Your kindness did not go unnoticed, that’s why I am writing this little note. I hope this finds you so you will know that it was truly appreciated!

Many blessings to you and your family.


Nada Kinniebrew


Dear Chief Thomson, Lt. James and the entire police force,

I wanted to commend you on how you handled Zero’s passing. It was done with dignity and respect as it should be done for a fallen officer.

Over the years, I was lucky to have known him. He and Lt. James visited the ER at Virtua, and they were an amazing team. Zero was an asset to the force and community.

Zero was respected and loved by many including myself. Please accept my condolences; he will be missed.

Thank you again.

Joyce Moyer, RN


I am sorry to trouble you when you are so very busy. I want to extend my heartfelt sympathy at your loss of K-9 Zero.

I was a police officer for over 24 years and worked with many K-9′s. My dog that I own now is an offspring of one of our great K-9′s and I am blessed to have him (actually he has me).

The loss of a K-9 is like the loss of a brother or sister in blue and there is a void that will not and should not ever be filled. I am sure Zero was a great K-9 and his handler is surely suffering from the loss.

My family prays for comfort for all those that cared for Zero and we extend our appreciation for what your agency and your K-9 Division does every day to protect the citizens of your community.

God bless you all,
Terry D. Cowan
Disabled/retired Officer #134
Freeport Police Department
Freeport, Illinois


I grew up in Camden but moved away years ago. I came back over Thanksgiving to visit family who still live in the city and was happy to hear about how the new Camden County Police force is turning things in a better direction. While I was in town, I saw officers out on patrol multiple times and my cousins told me that officers came quickly when they called for help to stop a fight in their neighborhood. Glad to know that there are police doing good work in Camden since the city needs it.

C.J. Williams


Recently, I met some Camden County Police Department officers who were walking on patrol downtown. I needed help finding parking near the courthouse and they were extremely helpful and courteous and got me to exactly where I needed to go.

I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work!

Louis Smith


Tonight I had the pleasure of taking my daughter and five friends to a concert at the Susquehanna Bank Center. The girls are all 17-18, so needless to say, they didn’t want Paige’s mom staying. Of course they received an hour-long lecture on safety and wise decisions, it felt as though I was dropping off my daughter for her first day of kindergarten.

Once we got there they were meeting friends in Lot 1 and I had no clue where it was, so as we approached I was relieved to see your officers at every intersection. I asked if they could tell me where to go and they were polite and told me exactly where I needed to be. I dropped the girls and parked in a spot on MLK Boulevard and 3rd Steet just to hang out if they had any problems. As I was parked, officers were directing traffic and offering assistance to anyone who needed it. All the officers were pleasant and very patient. Watching these kids going to the concert made me realize the majority were not raised to treat others as they want to be treated.

I got out of my car to walk over to a few of your officers to tell them how much they are appreciated. I hope other people do the same. I could NEVER do their job because I’m sure I wouldn’t be so respectful of self-entitled people. These officers are doing it time and time again with a smile on their face. I wish I could tell each and every one of them but because I can’t, I hope you can let them know how much they are appreciated for dedicating their life to serving others even the people who take them for granted.

These officers work in one of the most crime ridden cities in the country and they do it with a smile. God bless them. Thank you for protecting us!

Jodi Fearon


Dear Chief,

First, let me congratulate you on the fine job you are doing as leader of the Camden County Police Department. I was a 60-year resident of the city and have been a security officer at Bonsall School Annex for the past 25 years.

But chief, this letter is not about me, it is about the fine officers from your department who participate in the BookMates program every Tuesday and Wednesday. Your officers come to the door eager to interact with our children as if they were their own. The children often ask me, “are the cops coming today?” Whoever came up with the idea of police officers reading with kids should be commended. Had this program been in place 20 years ago, there is a strong possibility Camden would be totally different. Children interacting with police at an early age would have helped them have a great outlook on police during their teenage and adult lives.

Again, I say those officers participating in BookMates should be commended.

Willie Smith


Dear Chief Thomson,

On Tuesday, June 23, 2105, Officer Belinda Villegas-Ramos assisted a family with nowhere to go. She brought them to our agency after trying many other avenues to get them housing assistance. She went the extra mile and the family was able to get back home.

We wish to thank her for going above and beyond to assist a family that the Camden County Board of Social Services could not help. She truly needs to be commended for her acts of kindness and resourcefulness.

Cheryl Wright
Assistant Administrator, Social Service Department
600 Market Street, Camden


I would just like to thank all of the officers who worked the WXTU concert on Saturday night. You guys did a great job. I was impressed with how you guys drove up and down the aisles making sure everything was okay; and if there was a problem you handled the situation in a professional manner.

Thank you so much for your service! Thank you for protecting and keeping the streets as safe as you can. Thank you for your service! Stay safe Camden County Police!

With love from a Hamilton Township Police sergeant’s daughter!

Alyssa Will


Hello, I just wanted to extend my thanks to one of your police officers who helped me today. I am an attorney and was leaving the Camden County courthouse, crossing MLK Boulevard when a heavy gust of wind blew some of my trial documents across the intersection and down the street. A police officer happened to be approaching the intersection in his vehicle and noticed my documents blowing away. He rolled his window down and asked if those were my documents. When I responded yes, he put his siren on, traveled up the street, got out of his vehicle and chased down my documents. He then drove back to me and gave me the documents.

I  just wanted to express that I was very touched by the officer’s kindness and thoughtfulness, especially when I’m sure he has to deal with much more pressing matters on a daily basis.

Many thanks,
Christine Mercado-Spies