Drug buyers arrested in North Camden

Posted on by CCPD

(Camden, NJ) – On Wednesday, Camden County Police Department officers arrested 26 individuals attempting to buy drugs on three different corners in North Camden. Of the 26, 18 (just under 70 percent) were from suburban communities. All 26 individuals were charged with Loitering to Commit a CDS Offense.

Those arrested were:

David Arrington, 33, of Williamstown

Levon Banks, 59, of Camden

Jamie Bell, 36, of Camden

Anthony Calabrese, 26, of Collingswood

Denis Caralluzzo, 37, of Turnersville

Jacqueline Cicalese, 29, of Cherry Hill

Benjamin Cohen, 27, of Voorhees

Robert Eastlack, 21, of Sewell

Andrew Fisher, 25, of West Deptford

Brian Flagg, 50, of Camden

Gabriel Fortis, 42, of Camden

Renee Geortler, 46, of Clayton

Dominique Hannon, 20, of Hammonton

Jordan Lantz, 23, of Camden

Sherylyn Lippincott, 25, of Medford

William Loder, 33, of Pittsgrove

Joseph Mariano, 57, of Tabernacle

Douglas Miller, 38, of Stratford

Joshua Negron, 20, of Camden

Brian Provost, 24, of Medford

Heather Reed, 37, of Gloucester City

Ricky Spruill, 62, of Camden

Justin Suter, 31, of Turnersville

Alisha Thorp, 25, of Camden

Teofila Torio, 35, of Cherry Hill

Gregory Tripp, 22, of Sicklerville