Buying new electronics – protect yourself

Posted on by CCPD

Many people are eager to get the newest video game, tablet, cell phone, etc. on the day it is released. And many are buying these items as holiday gifts.

Thieves focus on these products and will wait for an unsuspecting target carrying the latest, most expensive device. Some steps to take when at the store and when exiting the store after one of these purchases:

- Shop with a friend or relative; you’re more vulnerable alone.

- Report suspicious people to the police or security. Inside the store this can be “customers” who are busier looking at what other people are buying than looking at products on display. Outside the store this can be people loitering near the entrance.

- Get online tracking for your new device set up in the store, before you walk out the door with it, if possible.

- When you exit the store, conceal what you’ve bought, and pay attention to other people nearby. Don’t walk away from the store distracted while using your new device.